Passionate and curious

I have a passion for finding the best way to get a job done, from a range of options. That mindset is a willingness to try new approaches and identify opportunities others often miss. This approach is something that’s part of who I am and what I bring to any job.

Understand your business

The only effective way to design and build any solution is to really understand the problem. I’ll do my best to learn what your business goals are and align them with your customer’s needs. This is how to put forward a great online solution for everyone.

Communicate with clarity

I’m 100% committed to getting the best job done, and communication is key at all phases. Your online activity is all about communication, and I’ll commit to being as open and available as you need. Anything that needs explanation, I’ll find a way to clarify in ‘human language’.

You'd be surprised how great mobile 4G is in Asia

Working online. I'm doing it wherever I can.

In early 2016, I left the big corporate life and I’ve been freelancing since, from wherever I can. The most critical aspect of working remote is ensuring I’m available when needed, and with only moderate time-zone differences for my clients back home, remote work really has been smooth sailing.

The Past

I’ve worked in small business, family businesses, start-ups through to large corporate over the past 18 years. I’ve worked with a healthy mix of marketing and technology, and I’m equally comfortable talking tech as I am social or brand strategy.

The Present

Living with no fixed address as a digital nomad across South East Asia has demonstrated that I’ve got the communication skills to overcome any geographical differences we might have. I’m always available and ready to help.

The Purpose

I’m a curious person with many interests. The purpose of embracing this digital nomadic life is to allow for greater worldly experiences while growing my own portfolio of business clients. I’m also working on my own technology which I believe can help any busines in their online marketing.

The Pride

I’m very proud of the fact that my clients recommend me on for further work. The fact that I’ve put so much emphasis on communication and delivering quality results is a testament to this.

Online Folio

Recent Web Development Projects

Whatever your online needs are, I’ve got the experience and skills to get your job done. Have a look at some recent projects.


Search Engine Optimisation is a core requirement of any website these days, so check this off. But there’s much more than you probably think.

Mobile Optimisation

You can’t build a website without considering mobile traffic. Mobile traffic is on the rise and if your site doesn’t cater for them, it’s your and their loss.


Understanding what your website visitors are doing is critical to making the right decisions in the future. Otherwise, you’re just flying blind.

Technical Simplicity

Integrating all the moving pieces isn’t the most simple task. But maintaining it should be much easier.

Digital Marketing

SEM / Google Ads / Facebook Ads / Remarketing. There’s plenty of corners to navigate with digital marketing. Remember – advertisers make it easy to take your money.


The development of your business needs will be of the highest quality, embracing web-standards and modern technology.

Online Folio

Commercial Photography

My photography work has been licensed and featured as part of influencer campaigns, international TV broadcasts and local markets. If you’re needing a web developer and content creator, I’m more than able to help.

As a one-stop-shop, I can lift improve your overall digital footprint.

Need A One Man Band?

There’s no doubt that teams can build spectacular solutions. But sometimes, that overhead can cause all sorts of blow-outs with regards to time, cost and complexity.

Sometimes the right person can make it all work, or at least set up the major pieces as a great starting point. That’s where I see myself.

“Jack of all trades, master of none.” I’ve heard it. But I don’t know a ‘master of one‘ that can pull all this together.

Rest assured, if there’s something I don’t know, I’ll learn it. And let you know where you stand. It doesn’t serve me to keep any secrets…

I’m super passionate about figuring things out and coming up with ideas. So, end-to-end, I’m very invested in finding the right solution.

Ideation & Strategy
Content Marketing
Social Media
User Experience
Email Marketing
Online Folio

Videography & Time-Lapse Work

The videos below were created using a mix of techniques and technology, including motorised sliders, motion enabled time-lapse and drone footage. Current time-lapse capabilities exist at 8K, video capability at 4K.

12 Months In Asia

Client Feedback

Here’s a few comments from some of the people and businesses I’ve worked with. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

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Last word

Blogs, processes, technologies, how I work, site fixes… Plenty more to come on this new site.

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