Communication and how prompt replies win business

Perseverance and pivots. And personal pains.

Some time back, I wrote about Data & Stories, specifically on how I was working on a product that was designed to bring these two disciplines together. And for reference, the working title is ‘MeasureMight’. Prototyping the idea. I designed and built a prototype. It did cool stuff, for me, but not anyone else. I managed […]

UX Design for Social Media Engagement

Engagement. It’s a key metric of social media. Likes, shares, comments, reach and a feeling of community. Social media platforms need to enhance these metrics to increasingly justify business ROI in social media content efforts. To make a platform more enticing to engage, considered UX is critical from a product design standpoint. What’s the UX […]

As a sole trader, what happens to your clients if you die?

This isn’t a question I’ve asked myself until this week. And don’t stress, I’m totally fine. But one of my contacts has found their business in a state of concern following the sudden passing of their web-developer. The specific issue? They commissioned a web developer to build a business admin tool, that they were hosting […]

Data & Stories

You might know… I’m in Thailand. And I’m working my backside-off trying to create my own software. It’s bit social media, bit analytics, but it’s mostly about content and understanding the people who engage with it. Content from you or your brand, your competition and content in the market. And it’s using the data I […]

Competitive Insights – One Simple Social Trick

To call this a hack isn’t quite right, because really, it’s just a tiny piece of functionality with – one of the most common URL shortening utilities. And anyone can use. Basically, you can see how many clicks your competition are getting if they are using link by adding a + at the […]