Competitive Insights – One Simple Social Trick

To call this a hack isn’t quite right, because really, it’s just a tiny piece of functionality with – one of the most common URL shortening utilities. And anyone can use.

Basically, you can see how many clicks your competition are getting if they are using link by adding a + at the end of the URL. So simple! If you’re signed in, you get a geographic breakdown and few other stats, too.

You’ve seen links, no doubt. For example, there’s one in this tweet:


Equally, you’ve seen used with other domains – this might not be so obvious, but here’s another tweet with one from Medibank:


First up, it’s super simple to spot a link if it’s on the domain. Get the link, as above from the @digitalps tweet, and you’ve got Add a plus to it, as, and boom, you’ve got competitive insights.

If it’s not a link, there’s a common tell-tail signs it might be using the service, just under a branded domain. For example, the @AFL sometimes use, or as in the second tweet above from Medibank, Again, add a plus and you’ve got insights. Medibank have had 46 clicks. #Hmmm…

If you’re looking to compare how your campaign is running against your competition, it can be pretty handy to get an idea if is behind the link.

Equally, if you’re wanting to protect this information, should you be using

Note: This article first appeared on LinkedIn

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